ThorAudio.com is small in size. What I lack in this department, I make up for double in heart. I work hard to make this very unique home based High End Audio establishment possible. I believe that the few lines carried and the gear manufactured (Thor Audio) represent the state of the art in music playback systems in a variety of budgets. The gear selected by me serves the music… I don’t sell gear that is served by music. There’s an honest difference as I am a music lover first and foremost, as well as an audiophile. You will find expensive things here as well as things that are surprisingly inexpensive, yet still represent the state-of-the-art. I myself am here, the majority of times to take your calls and reply to your numerous e-mails. I’m happy to answer any questions you might have. I love to speak of music we might have in common; answer questions to describe the gear we build and represent, or gear we don’t because chances are good I’ve heard it!.

On this you can rest assured; If you ask a question of me, you will get the honest answer, as I know it – 100% of the time. If I can’t help you, chances are I know someone who can. Having been around since 1995, I know this business extremely well. Excellent customer service is our highest goal, along with bringing music to life in your home. Thanks very much for stopping by my website! I hope you enjoy your visit and come back soon.

My goal here has always been to create a “timeless” audio system… something a music lover will never have to “upgrade” from.

My (very brief) philosophy

serve the music… because the music matters most

When YOU are ready to settle down with a music playback system, not jump from component to component, that is when you should call on me and honestly not before. I will get to know who you are and sell you a system which will make you remarkably happy, as a music lover, for many years to come. I can’t/won’t sell a haphazard set of components on the cheap… not what I’m about.

If it’s time to get off the high-end “Stereophile” rollercoaster… and… if it’s truly the music which matters to you, give me a call. You need to come hear what we do… it’s just that simple!