5 best beginner drum sets

5 best beginner drum sets

For those people who need to take their drumming skills to a higher level, purchasing good drum sets is the trick. There are on the market several quality drum sets designed solely for children and/or adults having absolutely no drumming skills. The following are some top 5 best beginner drum sets.

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1. Huntington DRM500-BK 5-Piece Drum Set

This is a 5-piece kit which comes with complete set of tools to assist you begin rocking. It’s among the most sought-after full drum sets designed for adult beginners. It’s made with several standard features ensuring seamless integration with all types of drum accessories. Among them include black metal hoops plus hardware which has been anodized, and a set of 8-ply poplar shells. Furthermore, it also includes a large 22-inch kick drum and two tom drums among a host of others.

2. Gammon Five-Piece Junior Starter

This drum set delivers everything that your child requires to start playing the drums. It comes with attractive metallic blue finish which is certain to attract lots of attention, making your child feels like some real rock star. It’s suitable for children under 10 years and younger teens. The drum set comes with stands, cymbals, and sticks plus drums to make sure your child is able to immediately begin playing after the simple installation process.

3. Alesis DM6 USB 5-Piece Electronic Drum Set

This is ideal for aspiring drummers or experienced players who need some excellent drum set though they have limited budgets.

It comes with 108 quality drum sounds, cymbals and a host of built-in instrument sounds. Also it has a sequencer containing a couple of tracks and metronome, a recorder and a jack which guarantees easy synchronization with your MP3 player, iPod, and other audio equipment.

4. DW Drum Workshop Deadhead Pad Set

The set provides various capabilities and features which make them appropriate for all kinds of practice. They are particularly made to feel natural without any kind of muffling tones which may end up intimidating several aspiring drummers. It allows private practice via the compact drum mutes. This ensures beginners are capable of conducting trials and errors, without necessarily attracting the attention of third parties and bystanders.

5. Astro Drums MAXS 516 JR-SB

This is some performance-improving drum set appropriate for the requirements of junior drummers and adults who are just establishing themselves in drumming. It’s features include a 100% poplar shells and is designed from hardware materials known for their long-lasting performance. Other features include black-colored lugs and a set of counter hoops augmenting the laminate features.

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